Property Management Range for Commercial Property, Land, and Vacant Residential


Our services can range from inspecting the property and sending in photos and a detailed checklist of property condition to full service property management and everything in between.  


Our many years in property management give our sales clients a unique advantage.  For a seller being able to identify and address the concerns that property owners look for in a purchase is just as important as marketing it effectively.   For the buyer being able to determine maintenance and improvement costs/ issues before a purchase is invaluable to determining the real return on your investment.  


Whether it be an association, a retail complex, office building, Industrial warehouse, residential home, or vacant land we have the experience and staff to be able to identify and address your property management needs.  Accounting, project management, leasing, and maintenance packages are all available depending on your needs.  


Vacancy is always the primary concern for property owners and our track record shows our ability to find, negotiate, and retain quality tenants.  If high vacancy rates are a problem we can help.  Our track record for commercial buildings in this latest economic downturn speaks for itself.  Being able to take vacant multi-tenant buildings and filling them is at the core of what we do.